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NetFinance can provide fast financing solutions with unparalleled "hands on" professional service at competitive rates for your customers.

We're all about providing our vendor network with valuable customer products and services.

1. Easy online or faxable process
2. Fast approvals
3. Financing for anything your sell
4. Established and new businesses
5. Multiple financing alternatives and products

Open up the possibilities for your customers. NetFinance is focused on serving the business market as a comprehensive resource for financing all your customers purchases of products, equipment and services !

We can customize a financing program tailored to meet you and your customers specific needs.

Here's how it works:

The financing application is completed for the customer online or faxed to us at 1-866-706-6984.
We notify you immediately upon receipt of the application.
Approvals and offers are faxed or emailed back to your office.
For deals over $50,000 we can customize the financing to suit your customers specific needs.

In most cases, the deal is funded to you within the same week.


We are committed to supporting our vendor network by providing financing services and products as a value-added sales tool. For example, offer your customers lease financing on equipment and machinery purchases and add Line of Credit for their accessory and small supply purchases at the same time !


Fast approvals and funding
Up to 90% approval rates
Competitive rates
Combine lease financing with a Line of Credit for other needs
Close more sales
Customized financing for deals over $50,000
Vendor rebate programs
Up to 100% Financing
A, B, and C credits
Web site reporting available on:
  - applications received
  - application status
  - applications funded
Our financing programs are comprehensive and offer a unique financing method that will not impact your customer's cash reserves or bank lines. Do you have customers that could use a Line of Credit for those smaller purchases with flexible financing alternatives for the bigger ticket purchases . . . ?

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