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1. Apply
As a registered user "Log-On" at the Home page or Apply by obtaining an access code and submit an online request for financing or email us a request to contact you.

2. Evaluation
We quickly review and evaluate your request to determine a financing solution. We then contact you for additional information about your company and financing requirements.

3. Identify Products
We work with you to structure and determine which financing products will fit your requirements.

5. Funding
Once your approved, the transaction closes and you obtain funding. 



It's Easy
One easy online Application is used to match your requirements to the right financing program.

Our professionals can provide you with quick decisions.

Compare financing products and choose the financing thatís best for you.

Never leave your desk. Financial professionals guide your financing request and answer all your questions. We're on-line 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Compare and contrast these two approaches to financing a business:

Traditional Approach
Approach 5 or more banks on 5 or more days and talk with 5 or more different bank managers.

Finding the right people to talk to at the right financial institution for your financing requirements can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating.

NetFinance Approach
One application with instant access to
our extensive range of financing products at the same time.

Ready to request financing?

Proceed to our Entrepreneur Section if are ready to request financing. Talk to one of our financial professionals to guide your financing request and answer your questions. You can reach us by phone or by e-mail. Get detailed information about business loans. Our financial professionals understand the lending criteria, appetites and strengths of each provider.