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Direct Mortgage Lending and Broker Services is a licensed mortgage broker through Northland Mortgage & Mortgage Corp. (NMIC) a licensed mortgage company operating in British Columbia and providing commercial mortgage services throughout Western Canada. NMIC is a licensed mortgage lender providing short-term and long term 1st and 2nd mortgage financing for a wide range of real estate projects in BC and Alberta including:


Real estate development and land assembly

Condominium conversions and special assessments
Owner occupied real estate
Investment real estate
Hotels and motels and hospitality real estate

Construction and renovation financing

Re-financing for working capital

Special situation, bridge and equity take-out
We do not take a "cookie cutter" approach to financing; visit our Done Deals page. We do not have specific formulas, LTV rates, or  debt service ratios that each deal must fit into. Our approach is direct and we evaluate each deal on its own merits...
If it makes sense...we'll do it!


Here's how it works:

1. Apply
Obtain an access code by contacting us and submit an online request for financing.

2. Evaluation
We quickly evaluate your request to determine a financing solution. We then contact you for additional information about you and your company and specific financing requirements.

3. Identify Products
We work with you to structure and determine which financing product will fit your requirements.

5. Funding
Once your approved, the transaction closes and you obtain funding.   

Our expertise is in SPECIAL SITUATION mortgage lending (large and small), particularly to entrepreneurs, land developers and real estate purchasers who require mortgage money to close purchases quickly, bridge one purchase to another, access equity for their business, and get development projects started in a timely manner.





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Proceed to our easy to our Entrepreneur Section if you are ready to request financing. Talk to one of our financial professionals to guide your financing request and answer your questions. You can reach us by phone or by e-mail. Get detailed information about your business financing options.