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You did more for us than just obtain the necessary financing.  Your professional approach and advice were invaluable. I look forward to working with you again as our company continues to grow throughout Canada.”

Randy Schuller, VP Finance, IRIS The Visual Group


"You got us out of a real jam...Thank you"
 Tom Tysiakiewicz, President, TSI Insulation Ltd.


“You guys delivered on exactly what you said you would …”

C. Silbernagel, VP Finance, Cabo Drilling   



At NetFinance.ca, small to mid market corporate finance is our only business. Our expertise is based on years of experience in developing innovative financing strategies and solutions for small business in Canada. Our success is based on applying these strategies among a diverse product base. This is embodied in our approach to business and in our history of growth and achievement. Above all, our expertise is reflected in the many financing successes of our clients.

We have built a reputation for superior results and outstanding client service dating back to 1995. Our expertise and relationships mean that clients achieve results, which would be hard to accomplish on their own.


Successful financing is rarely simple and straightforward. At NetFinance, it is the result of a process designed first, to evaluate the financing needs and then, match those needs with the right financial product. Relying on proprietary technology, on-site administration, and our extensive products we can quickly find the right solution. The result is a crucial performance edge, diverse products, and client-focused service.


"Our philosophy focuses on a comprehensive approach to financing that relies as much on people and ideas as on numbers."

Mark Eikeland,
President and Chief Executive Officer


At NetFinance, a team approach means identifying and evaluating winning strategies, and then rigorously developing relationships to deliver those solutions. Our level of research and perseverance sets us apart.

Our process technology is only one component of our approach to business financing. Computer systems alone do not make for client results. It is our diverse product base and our people, using their knowledge and judgment, and advanced analytical tools, who achieve success.


"NetFinance adds tremendous value to its affiliate professionals and partner companies. We believe that being a member of the NetFinance community can substantially increase a company's competitive position."

Mark Eikeland,
President and Chief Executive Officer


We are committed to building outstanding relationships with our strategic partners. Identifying the right financial product is one of the great challenges facing any entrepreneur. At NetFinance, this is one of our strengths. Our expertise, experience,  and research ensure that we have the ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities.

Our commitment to adding value to decision-makers, professionals, and equipment vendors in small to mid-market finance drives our products, our services and our affiliate partnerships.


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Proceed to our Entrepreneur Section if you are ready to request financing. Talk to one of our financial professionals to guide your financing request and answer your questions. You can reach us by phone or by e-mail. Get detailed information about business loans. Our financial professionals understand the lending criteria, appetites and strengths of each provider.