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Finally, a one-stop full service resource for the entrepreneur to connect with effective solutions for business financing.

Our financing products, expertise and in-depth market knowledge can significantly reduce the time and cost involved in sourcing financing for your business.

Your request is communicated directly to our senior credit decision makers that can achieve results which would be hard to accomplish on your own.

Meanwhile, you can keep your eye on running the business rather than being distracted by the financing process.




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Frequently Asked Questions


Financing your business
just got easier!

Compare and contrast two approaches to financing a business:

Traditional Approach
Approach 5 or more banks on 5 or more days and talk with 5 or more different bank managers.

Finding the right people to talk to at the right financial institution for your financing requirements can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating.

NetFinance Approach
One application with instant access to
several financing products at the same time.

Business Financing

Trial We help you through a maze of alternatives. We're a team of finance professionals working with an extensive network of capital providers to significantly increase access to capital with instant on-line financing solutions.

Purchasing or Selling a Business

TrialPurchasing or selling a business is complicated. We can assist structuring and financing the deal.

Financing a Business

Not all businesses deserve to get funding. But those that do are often declined because of the wrong lender, the wrong type of financing, poor presentation, incomplete information or the wrong collateral. At NetFinance our experience, expertise and extensive lender network can get these deals done.

Ask an Accountant
Trial Do you have a tax question? Email your questions to us and we will have a professional accountant reply to your request within 24 hours.

Business Links

 Useful business and financial links worth checking out on the web.

Financing Applications
1. Business Application
2. Personal Application


Business Financing Articles

1. Approaching the bank

2. Attracting Investors

3. Business Plan mistakes to avoid

4. Tougher terms from VC's

5. Off-Balance sheet financing

How to Raise Financing

A growing business needs finance, venture capital, equity, loans and grants - we help you through the maze of alternatives. From this site you can download an article called 'Raising Capital - More Than 30 Sources of Financing When the Bank says NO!" to give you a sampling of some different financing alternatives available.

Business Plan Review

Trial You may have completed your business plan and would like to have someone critically review it for you. A professional accountant will review your business plan from a potential investor or lenders point of view and provide you with a constructive analysis.

Business Plan Template

From this site you can download an excellent business plan module and template that has been developed for BDC and can be used for a variety of industries. We highly recommend that you check this link out. 



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