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NetFinance is part of the NF Financial Group and a division of eCapital Networks Group Inc. that was founded by Mark Eikeland in 2001. We are a team of finance professionals with in-house underwriting capabilities to significantly increase your access to a financing solution.

As an underwriter, we make credit decisions, fund and administer all our business in-house.

We do not take a "Cookie Cutter" approach to lending. We do not have a set of rules, formula or criteria that each deal must fit into. We evaluate each deal on its own merits and, if it makes sense, we'll do it!

NetFinance is all about serving the middle market as an one-stop resource for lease financing solutions, mortgages, financial tools, and information. Not only are we equipped to handle the "hard to do" deals, our expertise and product choice mean that clients achieve results which would be hard to accomplish on their own. Meanwhile, clients can keep their eye on running their business rather than being distracted by the financing process.


1. Providing entrepreneurs with efficient access to alternative  financing solutions.

2. Providing brokers and other professionals with a valuable client resource and service.

3. Providing vendors with a way to acquire new business.

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