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BROKER Partner Program

Finally, an effective business financing resource for the broker to connect their clients with mortgages and financing solutions focused on their needs. Your clients depend on you for professional guidance and now we can assist you in meeting their financing needs.  


By registering with the NetFinance "Partner Program" you gain access to our unique Commercial Finance site that connects you to a valuable one-stop client resource for many financing products and solutions.

Our NetFinance Partner Program is uniquely designed to add value to your professional broker services.


We do not take a "cookie cutter" approach to financing, we do not have specific formulas, LTV values, debt service or ratios that each deal must comply with. Our approach is direct and we evaluate each deal on its own merits....if it makes sense, we'll do it!  


NetFinance can provide you with:

on-line simple application process

fee income to you ranging from 1% to 4%
on-line deal tracking system
increased professional scope
access to an extensive range of financing products

niche market financing products

valuable client resources and services

fast access to information and products

Our services have the potential to add  significant value to the broker.
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Here's how it works:

When you register, you will have password access to log on directly to the Broker site. The easy online financing request is completed for the client. We notify you immediately upon receipt of the application. A professional associate is assigned to your submission to review the application and discuss with you any other information that may be required. At this point, we evaluate the request and structure the deal with the most appropriate financing product/s.

Once we have a complete package of information, a term sheet is e-mailed back to your office and posted on the site for your review. We can provide customized financing approvals for deals under $500,000 within 48 hours.

When you log-on directly to the site, you can view the status of the submissions you have made on your own individual home page and create new requests.



Our internal funding and partner network, professional expertise and in-depth market

knowledge, combined with the efficiency of the Internet, can significantly reduce

the time and cost involved in sourcing and raising capital for your clients.

Our products and services focus on the commercial financing solutions. Not only are we

equipped to handle the "hard to do" deals but, in many cases, we could even

improve on your clients' current financing program.


Our expertise and relationships mean that clients achieve results, which would be hard to

accomplish on their own. Meanwhile, clients can keep their eye on running their

business rather than being distracted by the financing process; and you can

significantly add value and income to your broker services.




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